Amsterdam, Queens Day April 30th 2010.

I ended up travelling over to Holland to party at Queens day in Amsterdam.

If you are like me you probably have not heard of this day before, i think it's a Dutch secret...

But WOW what a day!

The day origins from a previous Queens birthday, which the people still remain to celebrate.

The Dutch people are very much like the Brits and enjoy a good drink and party!

Queens day starts off early, where the towns people are out in force selling there possessions on the streets.

The buyers and sellers are all drinking, there are boats with HUGE sound systems booming out tunes which adds to the party atmosphere.

The sellers, then get drunk and seem to wonder off from their pitch.

As you walk the Streets of Amsterdam you turn a corner, the roads are blocked off and a DJ has set up shop with party go-errs dancing, drinking having a great time.

Here are a few images from my time there...

bicycle ride Amsterdam moving camera panning backie tows up
Amsterdam street shoppers pushing bicycles bikes
Mirror view reflection Amsterdam Queens day Kings day celebrations orange
Amsterdam outdoor street party DJ playing music TWSTD
Amsterdam party goers enjoying music queens day kings day
Queens day amsterdam street party DJ playing music
Amsterdam kelly moss lee ramsden umbrella bikes silloette