A subtle technique, but goes a long way..

Hello, here is a little tip which i have recently picked up and thought id share as it makes such a lovely difference.

When working on images of buildings here is how i now add contrast.

Rather then use contrast adjustment layer, i created two levels layers, one darker and one lighter - both with black layer masks.

Now take your time, and paint in, where the face of a building is lighter, make it lighter and the dark side darker. It takes a little time, but certainly gives your image much more depth and a 3D feel to them.

Tutorial Photoshop dodge burning layer

 This image has the effect turned off. 

The extra layer you can see is a contrast adjustment layer to the lighter layer.

Tutorial Photoshop how to make your image look more professional

Here is the final image with the contrast technique added. 

Subtle but certainly makes a lot of difference to the image.

canary wharf London Photography Train line Long Exposure light trails