Keeping your eyes open.

With taking pictures more often and trying to come up with ideas, you find that you end up looking all the time at different places. On a walk with the family, on the bus to work... or this time down the motorway, in the car.

On the way out of Blackpool on the M55, I kept noticing a church on the right side surrounded by fields. 

I was seeing it, thinking one day ill get it, one day.. And so that day came,

I knew roughly where the church was, but had no local knowledge of the tiny little villages nearby. So with the trusty sat-nav (an hours drive) I managed to find the Church, in a place called Great Plumpton.

Here are my 2 Favourites.

<img src="Great Plumpton Church.jpg" alt="Great Plumpton Church grave yard gothic trees monochrome black and white nikon D90 Lee Ramsden">
<img src="Church Cross.jpg" alt="cross remember our fallen christianity sunrise sunset war heroes clouds lee ramsden">