GF1 Adventure.

Lumix GF1 images Holly statue


I wanted to post some images that were recently taken on my Lumix GF1

I am certainly loving this little point and shoot camera. I have a fixed 20mm prime lens for it, which i find to be a great tool on improving your photography. When using a prime lens you are restricted to compose by using...- your feet!

If you want a tighter crop then walk closer, and so it is certainly making me look at things differently.

Having a little point and shoot on your person is great so you don't miss anything when you are out and about conducting your day to day business.

Lumix GF1 images light dark light Cambridge

The Above image is a great example to this, the Mrs and i were out in Cambridge to get a spot of lunch, walking towards the restaurant we walked past this tiny alley way. I stopped,

I took a step back and was loving how the light was playing a huge part in making the contrast you see. I took a quick shot and off for some grub.

Over time i will be adding some more "snappy" shots that i take with the GF1. I hope that you enjoy.

Lumix GF1 images London train
Lumix GF1 images London under ground
Lumix GF1 images Lake district Kendal
Lumix GF1 images beach stones lake side
Lumix GF1 images Kelly moss ramsden Lake district
Lumix GF1 images London ale bar beer 
Lumix GF1 images London alley way bar Lamb and Lion Covent garden