Talisman Auk north sea oil rig - part 2.

02 Talisman AUK sea bird north oil gas rig workers rotation exploration drilling platform Aberdeen

Fuji film X-T1 f4 1/180 ISO400



Following last weeks post, i thought id share a couple more images from my time on the Talisman AUK oil and gas rig in the north sea. 

01 North sea oil gas rig industry tigers workers contractor Aberdeen rates of pay union redundency construction decommission drilling oil price low high

Fuji film X-T1 f8 1/180 ISO200

Drilling rig in the distance.

03 Turbine hall north sea oil gas rig platform

Fuji film X-T1 f10 1/80 ISO1000

04 SKN electrical professional contractor north sea oil gas rig compex ex inspection construction installation IRATA rope access member

Fuji film X-T1 f2 1/80 ISO1000

Electrical inspection of the fire and gas system.

05 SKN electrical contractor installing fire and gas system Talisman Auk platform

Fuji film X-T1 f2 1/80 ISO1000

06 SKN electrical north sea Stuart Naismith

Fuji film X-T1 f2.8 1/125 ISO1250

07 SKN electrical Azerbaijan Gordon Hossack contractor ex compex inspector

Fuji film X-T1 f3.2 1/30 ISO1250

08 Talisman Auk emergency phone north sea number 2222 life boats max POB

Fuji film X-T1 f2.8 1/125 ISO1250

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