A play with a fashion stylieee shot.

A trend at the moment seems to be a certain style of, id say a fashion shoot.

Its something that has intrigued me on how it was done for sometime and so I thought id get out and give it ago.

I knew the majority of the look was due to the right sun lighting. I was sat in one evening and the sun just looked perfect for what I wanted. Like I have mentioned in previous posts, you need to have recced locations before, so at the drop of a hat you know where to be to catch the weather.

With living in the country side there are numerous rapeseed fields around, and I love the colour and texture these produce.

But a word of warning, before you wade in, like i did,

wear some old trainers and old clothes — otherwise they get covered in the bright yellow pollen.

Here is the final image. I hope you like.

Kelly ramsden moss in a rape seed field yellow flowers sunset