Offshore rope access technicians.

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Today id like to show some of the IRATA rope access technicians that were involved in the decommissioning of the BP Miller. 

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Welding on dead weight supports to the risers. 

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Rope access welder cutting a riser. 

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Long tiring climb back up. 

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Rope techs at height happy in their work. 

BP Miller decommissioning Scaffolder.

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The offshore scaffolder. 

They put up and take down scaffolding that allow offshore workers to reach higher levels during construction, decommissioning, maintenance or cleaning tasks.

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Offshore standby vessel.

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In the UK oil and gas industry, it is a requirement for a standby vessel to be present. These vessels primarily cover helicopter operations and if any work has to be conducted where there is a potential to fail to sea. (known as outboard work). These vessels sit there, day in day out, no matter the weather they provide us with emergency cover and would spring to life and help rescue if the unlikely event ever arose. 

Grampian Dee, offshore, northsea stand by vessel

Highest point in the north sea.

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The BP Miller, has the tallest flare stack in the North Sea, at 162m high, 

(4m taller than Blackpool tower)

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Caught our breath back, after a lung busted 15 ladder climb. 

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Image of the Brae Bravo platform, from the top of BP Miller flare.