Infrared black and white processing.

Morning, i thought id share a couple of images taken at the local using the infrared filter.

Above are two images, one was taken normally and processed to black and white, where as the other is an infrared image then processed to black and white. 

As you can see there is quite a difference. The infrared image was shot at a longer exposure and so the water will obviously look quite different but i do like what happens with the foliage. 

02 infrared leaves city park hoya r72 filter

Nikon D800 70-200@200mm f3.5 1/80th ISO5000

Leaves high in a tree. I liked how the light was illuminating a small section. This again is a processed infrared image. This is a noisy file due to the high ISO used. I was trying to gain a fast shutter speed to eliminate any motion from the wind blowing the leaves. 

04 infrared lake city park hoya r72 filter

Nikon D800  70-200@70mm f8 13th ISO800

I have noticed that along with the Sky, water goes blue also. 


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River Thames, Big Ben and London Bridge.

<img src="Big Ben.jpg" alt="Big ben westminster river Thames London Bridge houses of Parliament reflection long exposure lee ramsden monochrome black and white">

Nikon D800 f11 5min ISO100 24-70mm@50mm


Here is an image taken on Jubilee bridge at sunrise of London bridge on the river Thames with Westminster and Big ben in the distance. 


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Lytham Timelapse.

The attached Youtube video is my first attempt. (well with usable footage)

and a play with 4K.

On average each sequence was around 4hours of shooting time. Which on a cold January morning, or evening certainly makes the process harder and you have to check and double check everything so not to waste your time by not producing any usable footage. Which happened on more than one occasion.

Below are some stills taken from playing with a time-lapse rig.

This is something that i really like the look of and will be pursuing the opportunities further.

green windmill timelapse Lytham St Annes Lancashire night time

Nikon D700 F8 5.0 ISO800

Lytham green windmill timelapse St Annes Lancashire sunrise

Nikon D700 F8 2.0 ISO800

Lytham green windmill St Annes Lancashire

Nikon D700 F8 1/400th ISO200

Lytham St Annes Lancshire pier wood wooden dog walkers

Nikon D700 F5 1/8000th  ISO200

green windmill timelapse Lytham St Annes Lanacshire setting sun sea reflection

Nikon D700 F5 1/125th ISO200

green windmill timelapse Lytham St Annes Lancashire pier wood wooden setting sun sea reflection

Nikon D700 F5 1.6 ISO800

Helvellyn Composite.

Morning, I thought id share a composite image that i created recently for a bit of fun.

I am still yet to climb Striding edge, but will complete this in the summer.

As i have mentioned in previous posts, i do these type of images as i really enjoy thinking of a concept and then trying to execute the idea, and if nothing else it certainly hones my photoshop skills making me quicker and understand all the tools more in depth.



The Isles of Shetland.

Aberdeen airport flight shetland work business plane airoplane cold morning commute luggage workers construction travel air miles eastern airways flybe, british airways, run way, stand

iPhone 4s 1/15 f.2.4 ISO500

Working in the oil and gas industry I have spent my fair amount of time on the Isles of Shetland.

It has felt like a second home at times, and over the summer of 2014 I was spending more time there than at home.

St Ninians bay Shetland sea gull view landscape beautiful gorgeous rocks mountains tide

iPhone 4s 1/270 f.2.4 ISO50

I feel privileged to have had the chance to spend so much time on such a gorgeous island, even with the brutal weather for 9 months of the year, this does not bring the spirit of the local inhabitants down.

The local people that I encountered and worked with, were amazing, lovely people. They appear to have a different look on life and take things in their stride.

Living in such remoteness they have became resourceful with the weekend evening entertainment, with the party busses which tour round the island villages, visiting the bars on a pub crawl - fancy dress in mandatory!

They sell Puffin poo to is a delicacy!!


They breed miniature horses,

Shetland pony horse miniture little legs mane barbewire fencing sunset flare flair clouds warm windy Shetland home black and white

iPhone 4s 1/1700 f.2.4 ISO50

They dress up as Vikings and after spending a whole year, and thousands of pounds on building the most detailed / intricate wooden boat…. they set fire to it.

uphelia festival shetland Welcome to Shetland vikings Lerwick Festival of light local inhabitant dress history shield axe sword cow hide wings helmet

iPhone 4s 1/300 f2.4 ISO50

The airport of Scatsta was closed for two days, as an employee was getting married and so all the airport personnel attended the wedding.

Shetland Scatsta airport Voe lower runway plane  airoplane oil gas industry workers industrial eastern airways commute passenger flight

iPhone 4s 1/20 f.2.4 ISO160

The island attracts many hill walking enthusiasts and photographers, but it is clear to see why.

With the unique landscapes,

(not a single tree to be seen though as it is too windy and the ground being peat),

migrating puffins, stunning beaches and many different festivals through out the year.

I could happily spend my days later in life, up on a hill, on the Shetland isle away from the problems, hustle and bustle of normal life, enjoying each day as it came.

St Ninians bay Shetland sun set walking photography natural cause way sand beach cold water sea view landscap tourist island swim cold windy visting

Fuji X-PRO1 1/600  f.5 ISO 200 at 14mm

Note - 

At the present moment in time, if you are looking to visit, I personally would recommend the Isle of Lewis or Skye, only because Shetland is currently having a gas plant being built, with another on the cards and so the main towns are bursting with contractors. If you were to hire a little cottage away from the towns then I am sure you wouldn’t even notice.

iPhone 4s images were taken with the standard camera app and so the meta data shown is not controlled by my self. All images edited using the in phone Snapseed app. 

Shetland Voe black white water rain drops path road bad weather window drissle drizzle telegraph pole peat

iPhone 4s 1/120 f2.4 ISO50

Shetland Scalloway cloud wind farm fog golf course road tarmac valleys colourful sky sun rise

iPhone 4s 1/60 f2.4 ISO64

Dale Wilson HSE Petrofac Shetland Lerwick port fog bibby Stockholm accomodation barge workers construction gas plant fencing head lights grey

iPhone 4s 1/540 f2.4 ISO50

Shetland pony close up horse miniture little legs mane barbewire fencing sunset flare flair clouds warm windy

 iPhone 4s 1/2000 f.2.4 ISO50

Shetland pony horse miniture little legs mane barbewire fencing sunset flare flair clouds warm windy Shetland home

iPhone 4s 1/2000 f.2.4 ISO50

Apache two 2 ii ship cable laying vessel docked lerwick technip boat working cable pipe laying sea industry industrial helideck bridge life boat night bad weather

iPhone 4s 1/120 f2.4 ISO3200

Apache two 2 ii bridge captain controls buttons screen directions gps navigation work pilot graph charts steer

 iPhone 4s 1/15 f.2.4 ISO400

Timelapse attempt.

Time Lapse Kessler Crane Lytham St Annes green Nikon D700 shutter rig

Good morning, 

That was me up at 0430am to try my first sunrise timelapse. I am using the Kessler crane 3 foot cine slider and motion control unit. 

First impressions are very good. The slider is incredibly smooth and with the parallax system you can create some interesting movements. 

I aim (weather dependant) to be up each morning this week and will post a montage video of my results. 



Sharrow Bay Hotel Lake District.

Sharrow Bay Hotel Cumbria Lake Ullswater

Fuji film X-pro1 - f5 1/60th ISO200

Hi all, well it has been some time since i have last posted. Many things have changed since i last spoke.

I have a new job working on the Shetland isles, and my free time has been involving working on the house, playing with the little one and I have an additional blog on the go with family images. There are a few things in the pipe line for this blog, so bare with and i hope to post more soon.

These images are from a get away recently to Sharrow Bay hotel. Check out their


Fantastic place. Luxury rooms and a menu to die for.

Sharrow Bay Hotel room review booking

x-pro1 - f5.5 1/125th ISO800 bare flash gun left quarter power, bare flash gun right of frame zoomed to 200mm half power. 

Sharrow Bay Hotel Lake District five star gormet dining luxuary posh cumbria

Fuji film X-pro1 - f4 1/250th ISO200

Sharrow Bay Hotel Lake District Kelly Moss Ramsden five star gormet dining luxuary finest  service cumbria

Fuji film X-pro1 - f4 1/250th ISO200

Sharrow Bay Cumbira Lake District Lee Ramsden gormet dining

Fuji film X-pro1 - f4 1/250th ISO200

Sharrow Bay Hotel Lake District Lee Ramsden Kelly Moss five star gormet dining luxuary

Fuji film X-pro1 - f4 1/250th ISO200

Sharrow Bay Hotel Lake District fine china plate

Fuji film X-pro1 - f2.8 1/60th ISO1250

Sharrow Bay Hotel afternoon tea and cakes

Fuji film X-pro1 - f2.8 1/60th ISO2500

Sharrow Bay Hotel Lake District Ulswater

Fuji film X-pro1 - f11 1/60th ISO200

A cold trip to Helvellyn.

Helvellyn Lake District cold morning Nikon D800 Lee Ramsden Cumbria tent camping night

Nikon D800 f8 1.5seconds ISO100 with various flash bursts around the scene.


Last week i headed out to try and take some pics up Helvellyn in the lakes. I was losing light as i didn't plan on the amount of weight i carried would slow me down so much, and so i pitched up here rather then planned for the evening. 

I awoke at 3am and the place was covered in snow. At first light there was an absolute white out, and was very thankful for carrying a GPS with me as navigating would of been near on impossible in zero visibility. 

So photo wise it was a failure but a good heavy load carry is a well received for a bit of Phys after the indulgent new year. 

Helvellyn, Lakes, Lake District,  Naked, walking boots, Tent, cold

Nikon D800 f5.6 1/50th ISO800

Brrrrrrr a fresh morning.....

Helvellyn Lake District Cumbria camping breakfast jetboil stove

Nikon D800 f2.8 1/50th ISO5000 Lit with red head light.

Breakfast for a king... 



Blackpool on a Shitty Afternoon.

Blackpool Seasside Lancashire Lee Ramsden bad weather long exposure

Nikon D800 61sec F14 ISO 100

Hi all and Happy New year.

Apologise for the tittle to this post, but i am climbing the walls to do a shoot and so headed out this afternoon. Not much going on but thought that was kind cool.

Sorry I'm no good at making flamboyant arty titles up like most, there seems to be more thought gone into the title then the image in a lot of cases.

I aim to head up to the lakes at the end of the week if i have not returned to Scotland for my day job.

Hope you are well.


Canary Wharf London.

Here is an image of Canary Wharf.

canary wharf London Photography Train line Long Exposure light trails

This image came about after alot of scouting on google maps, and street view.

From the way the road intersects with the rail line i thought that it would be worth checking out.

If you take you time and plan where you want to be at sun rise certainly goes a long way.

Hope you are having a great weekend.


Result from location scouting.

Morning all, hope that you are having a good weekend.

Here is an image from the post a few weeks ago i did on my iPhone about location scouting.

New gauge intake house, River Lea, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Hertford

I like to find locations in the day time of places to shoot in sunset or sunrise.

In day light you can work out your compositions and have a plan of attack.

and then at 03:30hrs when pitch black in a cow pat field, it makes work so much easier.  

Take care


New gauge intake house - River LEA - Hertford.

Canary Wharf London.

London river Thames canary wharf ponoramic iPhone photography

With recently spending some time at the in-laws waiting for the baby to arrive, i have used the time to head out and about at sunrise 

Above is an iPhone image of my location on the Thames. 

Alarm call for 02:15hrs - and headed out, just a shame the weather did not really play ball, but thats landscape photography for you. 

Below is the image created by the d-slr.

This is certainly a location ill revisit to try and capture an image of more what i had in my mind. 



Canary Wharf London Isle of dogs Thames financial

15 minute exposure using Lee filters big stopper and circular polariser.