Vehicle photography

Volvo V50 - play with a car rig.

Volvo V50 Car Photography Rig mounting Hague Manfrotto poles

Nikon D800 f10 1/30th ISO800 (multiple flash exposure)

I know that we are all guilty of this, i purchased some camera kit, and it has just sat there for months unused... (this is just me? - yeah right)

And so it was time to have a play. I purchased some car rig - mounting equipment. For making the movement shots you see in magazines.

Volvo V50 Car Photography Rig mounting Hague Manfrotto

Nikon D800 f5 1/13th ISO 800

Here is a final shot, with using a slower shutter speed to give the sense of movement, i would of been blurred in the shot, and so inside the car is a strobe light, set to rear curtain sync to give a pop of light to freeze me, and make me sharper. 

I triggered the camera and flash using pocket wizard 3's. I find these work a treat. I have one in my hand, and when i press the button the camera fires, and the flash. 

Volvo V50 Car, Photography Rig mounting Hague Manfrotto poles motion

Nikon D800 f3.2 1/15th ISO 400

A Shot of the mounting system attached to the bonnet. 

Volvo V50 Car Photography Rig mounting Hague Manfrotto poles motion car photography

Nikon D800 f5 1/13th ISO800

Added another pole to extend the reach of the camera. I felt the camera was too heavy for this though, as the poles were worryingly bending, and so only a very slow speed was used when driving.

Here is a short Video of the top image, being taken and processed. 



My Volvo V50...

December i bought i brand new Volvo V50.

the previous car was a guzzler and so was fed up of paying through the nose to keep it on the road..... Que the volvo... and being an estate car its a true family work horse, loaded to the hilt with gear and getting away for weekends is fantastic. 

Here are a few images of the car on a great rough location 50 metres from the house, plus some detail images. 

Volvo V50 V60 V70 estate car filming in Markyate Hertfordshire 
Volvo V50 V60 V70 professional car photography Lancashire Lytham St Annes
Volvo V50 V60 V70 badge logo professional images car photography
Volvo V50 V60 V70 steering wheel with controls
Volvo V50 V60 V70 center consol
Volvo V50 V60 V70 alloy wheel
Volvo V50 V60 V70 alloy wheel with disk brake
Volvo V50 V60 V70 UK advert

These two images are a mock advert that i made. 

Volvo V50 V60 V70 review buy now

Garage MK, Knight racer.

MK garage Milton Keynes car body repairs

I have recently taken some images for the guys over at Garage MK and Knight racer.

I was very impressed with some of the services that they offer, one which certainly does appeal.

If you are having work done on your car, from a service to a personalisation body kit or modification, they guys will come and pick up your car if you are in the Milton Keynes area from your home or work. So no hassle or inconvenience.

Garage MK and Knight Racer, also sponsor SSDA drift team and are at the drifting meets and competitions.

facebook page


MK garage Milton Keynes toyota tuning
MK garage Milton Keynes bullet proof mercedes
MK garage Milton Keynes Classic mini tune up
MK garage Milton Keynes turbo gauges
MK garage Milton Keynes mazda tuning
MK garage Milton Keynes delivering a car to customer

Jay picking up a car from a customers work place.

MK garage Milton Keynes delivering a car to customer
MK garage Milton Keynes classic mini grill
MK garage Milton Keynes car tuning

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The Garage MK.



for Knight-racer.