SKN electrical

Scene lighting technique.

Nikon D800 f7.1 1/8th ISO100

Good morning, 

Id like to share with you a lighting technique that you can use to light a scene, even when working on your own. 

The above image consists of 21 images, all shot and lit by myself, and i am even in the image, to add some interest. 

I will show you, how i take multiple images, all lit with off camera flash, and then the process i take in photoshop.


02 Off camera flash wireless trigger pocket wizard boom illuminating the scene

Here you can see me using an off camera flash head on a pole, with the trigger in my right hand firing off the flash and camera shutter remotely. 

Click on image to enlarge.

The final image is composed of 21 frames. 

The camera was mounted on a tripod. White balance taken off auto, manual settings, and with me using back button focusing on the camera, i know when i press the remote, the camera will not try and focus, making all the images consistent. 

05 Start image quick tip on how to flash light

Quick tip, 

Like when making panos, my first image is a large image of me, so i can find the set easily in bridge. 

Also this is a great way to make sure that the flash and camera shutter both fire correctly. 

As when using pocket wizards as the remote, the flash PW has to be set to a channel higher and some times i forget this, and so it is always a good idea to test everything before getting started and walking far into the scene. 

04 adobe bridge using photoshop tools loading layers

Using bridge i select all the images that i want to use, and from here you can easily load them into photoshop as a single document with 21 layers. 

06 using lighten blend mode in photoshop CC

Now turn off all layers, and starting from the bottom layer i work my way up through the stack, turning on, one layer at a time, changing the blend mode to Lighten. 

07 using a mask in photoshop CC

With the blend mode on lighten, the flash light will show. 

Also you will see indicated in this image the hot spot of the flash is in the image. This is easy to mask out. Also i remain in the image by some strange artefacts, just simply mask these out. 

After some cleaning and tweaking here is the before and after image.

The before being unlit. 

It is a subtle difference, but one i find takes your images to that next level. 

If you have any questions, feel free to comment and i hope to help. 





Talisman 40 year old north sea oil rig - Auk

The Auk Oilfield is situated 249 kilometres (155 mi) east, southeast of Aberdeen, Scotland. It was operated by Shell UK in 50% partnership with ESSO until October 2006 when it was bought by Talisman Energy, and is now licensed by Talisman Energy. It was discovered in October 1970 in a water depth of 182 metres.

13 Talisman Auk north sea oil and gas platform plans drawing

Drawing courtesy of google images

Production started in December 1975 from the Auk 'A' platform. This platform is a steel, 8 legged jacket designed by Shell Oil and constructed at Methyl Fife Scotland. This jacket weighs 3,414 tonnes and support a topside weight of around 8,000 tonnes.

14 Aberdeen airport Bristow Departures

Fuji film X-T1  f3.2 1/125 ISO200

Helicopter Departures.

15 Aberdeen offshore oil and gas Helicopter taxi for the industry

Fuji film X-T1  f5.6 1/125 ISO200

Our transport to the platform, ready for action. 

17 Hot Work Spark potential permit to work ISSOW Draggar gas monitor meter

Fuji film X-T1  f2.8 1/125 ISO800

For me to be able to take picture offshore, it is well controlled. Permit to work, and gas tests are required. 

18 Talisman Auk platform flare on the pipe deck north sea oil price equal rotation down man redundancies

Fuji film X-T1  f3.2 1/60 ISO800

Flaring off excess gas. 

19 offshore north sea oil and gas workers working hard at the computer in the office

Fuji film X-T1  f3.6 1/60 ISO800

Our office, where the magic happens. 

20 IRATA industrial rope access techniques being used to work at height safely

Fuji film X-T1  f2.8 1/60 ISO800

Technician climbing to his work front. We use IRATA - industrial rope access techniques and procedures to work at height safely. 

21 SKN electrical abseiler working at height IRATA

Fuji film X-T1  f1.6 1/60 ISO800

SKN electrical technician.

22 Electrical worker repairing a light fitting on an oil rig offshore in the north sea

Fuji film X-T1  f1.6 1/80 ISO800

Electrical inspections being carried out. 

23 Oil and gas workforce on a tea break smoking drinking coffee

Fuji film X-T1  f4 1/60 ISO800

After all that climbing, a cup of tea is required. 

24 Auk Oil rig platform Talisman TV lounge workers watching tv

Fuji film X-T1  f2.8 1/60 ISO800

Off shift movie time. 

25 Auk oil gas rig room and shower

Fuji film X-T1  f2.8 1/60 ISO1250

40 year old ensuite rooms. 

26 Talisman Auk gas rig accommodation room bunk bed north sea oil rig price

Fuji film X-T1  f3.2 1/60 ISO1250

Bunks fit for a king.


A fact which i found funny - The field is named after the Auk a family of sea birds. There is a legend that it was to be called A UK, as the first British oilfield, until somebody realised that the sixth field would be called F UK and Shell's policy was rapidly changed to name their fields after sea birds. Shells sixth UK oilfield is called Fulmar.



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