iPhone photography

Lytham St Annes Kite Festival.

Lytham St Annes kite festival Lancashire beach sea Blackpool Lee Ramsden photography professional iPhone 6 black and white landscape

iPhone 6 image

Playing around with the Mrs iPhone 6. The level of detail compared to my old beat up iPhone 4 is impressive. Certainly interested in up grading to a new phone.

Fstoppers - recently tested an iPhone against an older DSLR. Agree or disagree with their method of testing. The phone cameras and software are certainly improving to an impressive level.

There also appears to be a lot of hype online with the forthcoming Kodak Ektra smart phone,  with a camera of  21 megapixel Sony made sensor and f2.0 lens - if the stats are accurate then the camera is something that some may choose over the iPhone. 

Kodak Ektra iPhone beater 7 vs professional photographer photography telephone smart phone lens f2.0 sony sensor 21mp megapixel traditional style dark room editing andriod
Kodak Ektra iPhone beater 7 vs professional photographer photography telephone smart phone lens f2.0 sony sensor 21mp megapixel traditional style dark room editing andriod Lee Ramsden Lytham st annes





Lytham Time lapse iPhone images.

Kessler crane timer oracle controler control count down timelapse uk england

Here are a few iPhone images taken whilst i was waiting for a time lapse set up to complete.

As you can see from the above image i had 4 and a half hours to kill...

Kessler crane timer oracle controler control count down timelapse uk england cineslider slide

The Kessler Cineslider. So far I'm pretty impressed with this bit of kit. Each time i take a time-lapse it gets tweaked and set up slightly different. Using lighting stands and moveable heads with the aid of a spirit level helps no end in getting the shoot straight from start to finish. 

time lapse rig kessler sun set colours nikon d700 iphone iphonography slider estury sea beach colours golden hour

My old Nikon D700 is now used for the time lapse work.  

Lytham life boat jetty pier esturay beach sea sand black and white
Lytham St Annes Lancashire England windmill sea beach sand grass bright blue sky church spire iphone image iphonography iPhone4s lee ramsden photography

Lytham green and windmill. 

The Isles of Shetland.

Aberdeen airport flight shetland work business plane airoplane cold morning commute luggage workers construction travel air miles eastern airways flybe, british airways, run way, stand

iPhone 4s 1/15 f.2.4 ISO500

Working in the oil and gas industry I have spent my fair amount of time on the Isles of Shetland.

It has felt like a second home at times, and over the summer of 2014 I was spending more time there than at home.

St Ninians bay Shetland sea gull view landscape beautiful gorgeous rocks mountains tide

iPhone 4s 1/270 f.2.4 ISO50

I feel privileged to have had the chance to spend so much time on such a gorgeous island, even with the brutal weather for 9 months of the year, this does not bring the spirit of the local inhabitants down.

The local people that I encountered and worked with, were amazing, lovely people. They appear to have a different look on life and take things in their stride.

Living in such remoteness they have became resourceful with the weekend evening entertainment, with the party busses which tour round the island villages, visiting the bars on a pub crawl - fancy dress in mandatory!

They sell Puffin poo to tourists....it is a delicacy!!


They breed miniature horses,

Shetland pony horse miniture little legs mane barbewire fencing sunset flare flair clouds warm windy Shetland home black and white

iPhone 4s 1/1700 f.2.4 ISO50

They dress up as Vikings and after spending a whole year, and thousands of pounds on building the most detailed / intricate wooden boat…. they set fire to it.

uphelia festival shetland Welcome to Shetland vikings Lerwick Festival of light local inhabitant dress history shield axe sword cow hide wings helmet

iPhone 4s 1/300 f2.4 ISO50

The airport of Scatsta was closed for two days, as an employee was getting married and so all the airport personnel attended the wedding.

Shetland Scatsta airport Voe lower runway plane  airoplane oil gas industry workers industrial eastern airways commute passenger flight

iPhone 4s 1/20 f.2.4 ISO160

The island attracts many hill walking enthusiasts and photographers, but it is clear to see why.

With the unique landscapes,

(not a single tree to be seen though as it is too windy and the ground being peat),

migrating puffins, stunning beaches and many different festivals through out the year.

I could happily spend my days later in life, up on a hill, on the Shetland isle away from the problems, hustle and bustle of normal life, enjoying each day as it came.

St Ninians bay Shetland sun set walking photography natural cause way sand beach cold water sea view landscap tourist island swim cold windy visting

Fuji X-PRO1 1/600  f.5 ISO 200 at 14mm

Note - 

At the present moment in time, if you are looking to visit, I personally would recommend the Isle of Lewis or Skye, only because Shetland is currently having a gas plant being built, with another on the cards and so the main towns are bursting with contractors. If you were to hire a little cottage away from the towns then I am sure you wouldn’t even notice.

iPhone 4s images were taken with the standard camera app and so the meta data shown is not controlled by my self. All images edited using the in phone Snapseed app. 

Shetland Voe black white water rain drops path road bad weather window drissle drizzle telegraph pole peat

iPhone 4s 1/120 f2.4 ISO50

Shetland Scalloway cloud wind farm fog golf course road tarmac valleys colourful sky sun rise

iPhone 4s 1/60 f2.4 ISO64

Dale Wilson HSE Petrofac Shetland Lerwick port fog bibby Stockholm accomodation barge workers construction gas plant fencing head lights grey

iPhone 4s 1/540 f2.4 ISO50

Shetland pony close up horse miniture little legs mane barbewire fencing sunset flare flair clouds warm windy

 iPhone 4s 1/2000 f.2.4 ISO50

Shetland pony horse miniture little legs mane barbewire fencing sunset flare flair clouds warm windy Shetland home

iPhone 4s 1/2000 f.2.4 ISO50

Apache two 2 ii ship cable laying vessel docked lerwick technip boat working cable pipe laying sea industry industrial helideck bridge life boat night bad weather

iPhone 4s 1/120 f2.4 ISO3200

Apache two 2 ii bridge captain controls buttons screen directions gps navigation work pilot graph charts steer

 iPhone 4s 1/15 f.2.4 ISO400

Timelapse attempt.

Time Lapse Kessler Crane Lytham St Annes green Nikon D700 shutter rig

Good morning, 

That was me up at 0430am to try my first sunrise timelapse. I am using the Kessler crane 3 foot cine slider and motion control unit. 

First impressions are very good. The slider is incredibly smooth and with the parallax system you can create some interesting movements. 

I aim (weather dependant) to be up each morning this week and will post a montage video of my results. 



Summer weather.

Finally the sunshine and warmth is here, still doesn't stop a Brit from moaning, too cold and wet or now to warm... 

But hey I'm more then glad. 

iPhone photo of buttercup on Dunstable downs in the sun

Hope you have a good week ahead of you. Ill be up early most mornings to head into London for some sun rise images.. 


I love London.

Anther early start yesterday,

02:15hrs wake up call to try and get a nice sunrise image in London.

The sky literally went from black to grey... Which was a shame. 

I can't get enough of the landmarks in London. They are so iconic and look amazing. I understand what I am doing is nothing new, thousands of photographers better then I, have stood in the same place capturing these beautiful sights. 

To make one of your own and with your stamp is nice though and enjoyable.

I will post the finished edited image in a few weeks but it is up in the landscape section on my website. 


That's the mrs and I suited and booted off to a wedding (as guests) in the nice weather...

London Big ben river Thames Professional camera landscape photographer

Have a great weekend everyone.


The View at The Shard London photography tips.

Hi, how are you? 

I hope that you are well, while I'm stuck out at work on the rig for a month....

mobile, iphone, Lee, Ramsden, London, The View From The Shad, Landscape, Photography, Lancashire, HDR

Last week for the Mrs's birthday we took a trip to the new viewing platform in the Shard building- London.

72 floors high you get an incredible view of London.

You have to book in advance, and pick your time slot, i was particular in that i wanted sunset to dark.

After googling the timings i was happy that we would catch the setting sun, but just had to have our fingers crossed for the weather :0)

london View from the Shard HMS Belfast river Thames Tower Bridge

As you can see, we were so very lucky in the weather front, after so much snow and bad weather recently.

I wanted to give a couple of tips that i found so handy while shooting here.

and these tips will not only help if you fancy going up the Shard but I'm guessing 99.9% of tourist locations.

Tip 1

- The venue Tripod ban...

A lot of tourist venues have a tripod ban and so you are not allowed to enter with / or use one.

Manfrotto G clamp

As you can see i over came this by using a Manfrotto magic arm, and super clamp. 

The security observed me using this and did not bother in the slightest. 

While using the clamp and magic arm, i treated it like a tripod and so was using my cable release to gain much longer shutter speeds. 

Tip 2

- Don't for get your polariser filter.

To try and reduce the reflections you gain shooting through the glass, a circular polariser filter is not perfect, but cuts down the problem loads. 

Nothing will stop the other members of public and their point and shoots, using the flash - still amazed at what they recon the on camera flash will light up. 

That its, i can really recommend the Shard, it was a fantastic experience. 

Keep in touch in the comments bar bellow...





As you all know I absolutely love the weather and how the skies work producing stunning views.

I was on a course for work in Aberdeen, whilst walking from the training center back to the hotel in the “magic hour”,

I saw the following sky.

It does amaze me though how people do not seem to be bothered by this, where I take the time to stop what I am doing and soak it all in.

On this occasion the sky was extra cool, with awesome colours and gradients going on. This only lasts a few minutes and so everyone, you must stop and appreciate what is going on!

Being away from home I did not have the Dslr with me, so the iPhone 3gs came out.


An iPhone app called "True HDR"

A little while ago i got an iPhone app called

"True HDR"

Like most photography apps you download them, then instantly have a play in the home, not to be used again for awhile. 

Well this was no different. 

Today i was walking along a road where i saw an amazing setting sun illuminating some interesting looking information dishes. 

I tried to take an image on my iPhone 3GS, but the contrast between the sky and the foreground was too great and so the phone could not expose correctly. 

Perfect settings for a HDR image me thinks. 

The app takes 2 images one after the other and blends them together all automatically. 

You have to hold the camera extra still for this to work. 

Here are the images all taken with the app, and the final blended image. Which was processed in the phone.

I used the photoshop express app to add slight contrast and a vignette. 

iPhone HDR photography Aberdeen
iPhone True HDR app example 01
iPhone True HDR app example 02

iPhone 3GS images and editing.

A couple of images that were taken and edited on the iPhone only.

I use the

photoshop express



apps to edit my iPhone images.

I love the contrast and effects of PS express, but for a more creative style, change colourings and add textures plus add a mirrored effect the picture show app is awesome!

I have included the second image to give a clue to how the first one was created. The floating head was a reflection off the train window. As it was snowing heavily outside the window acted as a great softbox and gave a nice subtle reflective surface.

Lee Ramsden on a train mirror image
Lee Ramsden self portrait on a train to London

Horse's- some body, please help me understand..

Here is just a quick image of a horse that i have seen locally in a field near to where i live.

Its covered in flies and smells, so please someone help me understand the love and admiration people have for these animals?

Is it a status thing? "ooo we own a horse"?

or do they really give you joy and love back?

They cost an arm and leg in bills, and unless you have a nice plot of land,

will live miles away from your home.

To be honest my dislike is the blank look they have...

A dog say, if it is going to kill you its obvious,

from the signs of foaming at the mouth, the narly teeth and just general vibe.

Where as a horse...

It might kill you, or want to mate with you,

and you will never know...

Dirty Horse flies on its nose

iPhone project.

I have for some time really fancied doing a little project.

I am always snapping away with my phone.

To aid in the inspiration - i was talking with some friends who, view my images on facebook and i quote, "my images are only good as my camera is an expensive one."

So this certainly gave me a kick up the backside to get cracking..

The iPhone does not focus well, its rough round the edges and struggles to expose correctly...

but we all love it! 

NO fancy trickery, NO computer photoshopping just honest good fun. 

iPhone 3Gs Jubilee bridge London
iPhone 3Gs ceiling light pattern art
iPhone 3Gs gerkin London city banking
iPhone 3Gs London city banker
iPhone 3Gs Starbucks coffee cup
iPhone 3Gs rainbow over Markyate Hertfordshire

Glamorising Friends.

Ok so for any new photographer trying to find people to shoot is tough, unless your confident and want to use models, your friends and family are going to be your main subjects

Here are a couple of shots where i managed to catch my mates unaware,

The female is my girlfriend, and so by now she is used to me taking pictures of her.

My aims here, were to explore how to make more glamour looking pictures, smoothing skin, brightening of the eyes etc.., I personally think they are over done, but was a good learning curve, plus the female was taken on the iPhone 3G.

Chris Christopher Riley Hounds Hill stair case Blackpool Sunglasses
London train over ground pimplico long hair kelly moss iPhone3G iPhone 3G lee ramsden